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A Role Model for Learning Differences


School has nothing to do with how brilliant you are.

-Henry Winkler

The Fonz is even cooler today, especially to those with learning differences.  Henry Winkler, the icon many know as The Fonz, has a passion – giving children with dyslexia a voice and a role model.  Winkler has dyslexia and struggled in school to the point of very low self-esteem.

The Fonz


Our guest blogger this week is Jennifer Rhett, a parent of dyslexic children and Executive Director of Reading is Essential for All People, or REAP, a non-profit corporation dedicated to improving reading proficiency through teacher training and enrichment.  REAP provides public school teachers with specialized training that reinforces the foundations of reading. These training approaches are helpful for any child, in any classroom, small group, or one-on-one situation, and are especially critical for struggling readers.

Finding opportunities to mix business and pleasure with my 12-year-old son Harper is hard to do.  When I saw an advertisement for the IDA-GA Symposium featuring Henry Winkler on February 7th, I thought this might be one of those rare occasions.  I was interested in seeing what the Fonz had to say about his life journey with dyslexia and my son wanted to hear from the author of the Hank Zipzer series.  My son did not know who the Fonz was.  I did force him to watch an early episode of Happy Days and, while he was largely unimpressed, he still agreed this would be a fun event.



Introducing the Friends of Kids Enabled Scholarship

The Friends of Kids Enabled Scholarship is designed to meet the needs of the learning differences community in the Atlanta area by providing families financial access to programs that serve children with learning differences.



Kroger Rewards Supports the Friends of Kids Enabled Scholarship Program!


There are incredible resources in the Atlanta area for the 1-in-5 child who struggles with learning differences.  These resources come at a cost – a high cost that is not covered by insurance or the public school system.  Families are making very hard choices.  They have to forego some therapies and educational interventions when their funds do not stretch far enough to cover the costs.  There are parents who are spending thousands every month to pay for speech therapy and just waiting until they can afford the tutoring and social skills counseling that they also know are needed.


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