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Welcome To Kids Enabled

Gifts for the Child with Learning Differences


It’s December and the holiday season is in full swing.  If you have a child with learning differences (or any child whose brain you’d like to boost) on your list this year, you have a special opportunity; you can give them a gift which will not only be fun but will also help to give them more success in school, more self-confidence, and a greater ability to use their full potential.  These gifts can be difficult to find, so we’ve done some legwork for you.  Check out the lists below to see which gifts will be most impactful for each child on your list.


The Obligatory Holiday Letter


Welcome to the obligatory “Holiday Letter.”  You may remember getting these in your mailbox in years gone by, before social media all but replaced them as a means of keeping up with the people you never see.  You know that letter where you get to read all about what someone else has been up to so that you won’t miss one single moment of her life.  Today, you can find out at any given second what Kids Enabled is up to by visiting our website at www.kidsenabled.org or checking our status on www.facebook.com/KidsEnabled, but there is still a time and a place for the old fashioned form of holiday news.  Ta Da – the Kids Enabled Holiday Letter…


2015 Kids Enabled Resource Fair

Sunday, January 25, 2015

2:00 – 5:00 PM

Wyndham Hotel

Attendees can now register here.


Introducing the Friends of Kids Enabled Scholarship

The Friends of Kids Enabled Scholarship is designed to meet the needs of the learning differences community in the Atlanta area by providing families financial access to programs that serve children with learning differences.



Kroger Rewards Supports the Friends of Kids Enabled Scholarship Program!


There are incredible resources in the Atlanta area for the 1-in-5 child who struggles with learning differences.  These resources come at a cost – a high cost that is not covered by insurance or the public school system.  Families are making very hard choices.  They have to forego some therapies and educational interventions when their funds do not stretch far enough to cover the costs.  There are parents who are spending thousands every month to pay for speech therapy and just waiting until they can afford the tutoring and social skills counseling that they also know are needed.


Atlanta Beth McGawKids Enabled in Your Area

Mission Statement:

Kids Enabled is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which offers guiding information, support and encouragement to parents and support networks to navigate the complicated journey from awareness to success, thus enabling children with learning differences to reach their full potential.


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